Another New Adventure


Hello all! It’s been a little sparse around here due to some life developments and a new adventure!

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Chris and I continued to maintain our full-time jobs while Bug remained in daycare. We were so fortunate to have our daycare provider be a close friend, so we knew she was in good hands. This, however, led to some disruptions in our daily life. My schedule was a little different every day, plus there was sometimes a long commute (depending on which shift). I loved my job, though. I had a great team and the work was second nature to me. After a few months back in the workforce, things started to struggle more and more at home.

Having a toddler that is quickly transitioning from the “Terrible Two’s” to the “Three-nager” stage is tough enough. Having it happen while you’re gone most of each day makes it even harder. Patience is thin, exhaustion creeps up and causes the crankies, and no one is eating as healthy as they should or exercising. I give all of the kudos and props to the parents who are able to find the balance on the regular, you’re the real MVPs.

We are not those people. Real talk.

While having dinner one night, Chris and I got to talking. I could see the tension building and I finally asked, “Would it just be easier if I stayed home again?” He couldn’t have said “Yes” fast enough. I sat on it for a little bit. I had plans with my job, plans for advancement and building a career out of it. After my current salary and what we were paying in daycare and fuel costs, we weren’t coming out that far ahead, so with a little lifestyle tweaking and factoring those costs, we’d be ok. My family has to come first, I am fortunate enough to be in a position to stay home with my growing girl.

But now what am I supposed to do? I don’t want to lose my drive or my urge to be productive and contribute financially.

In addition to being able to devote more time to the blog, I decided to do something for me that makes me happy. I want to create something. I fell in love with creating wreaths for our door ever since we were back in our old apartment. Added with our love of all things Disney, I decided to step it up a notch. As pictured above, I created my first Minnie Mouse inspired wreath. I have gotten so many compliments on it and thought, what am I waiting for? 

I started an Etsy shop (as one does). In addition to the Disney-inspired, I want to create unique home accents for people. Sure, it’s not revolutionary, but it’s mine. It’s been created by a mama who hand selects every component and keeps her client in mind the whole way.  I am able to devote some time while Bug quietly colors at the table next to me. Plus, your purchases help me fund the fun stuff like dance class (which will begin in July!) and little day trips so we aren’t cooped in the house day in and day out.

My half of the office, where the magic happens. (It is not this clean anymore).

On a limited budget and finding some odds and ends around the house either we’ve collected over the years or that were left behind by the previous owners, I created my half of the office with a little ingenuity and $50. BOOM. Creative space for me and some extra space for the little one. I spend a couple of hours of each day in here to create and plan, Bug by my side.

When she naps, I take advantage and workout for a little bit. I scored an old rowing machine off our neighborhood “Buy Nothing” group, and have been utilizing the other odds and ends we’ve gotten off Craigslist. I’m able to get a shower in after and prep lunch all before she wakes up. Then we get to spend the afternoon playing and running errands, just in time to prep a healthy, home-cooked dinner before daddy gets home. In the two weeks we’ve been doing it, our home life has improved dramatically.

Sure, we still have the struggles of a moody toddler who seems to misplace her listening skills regularly, but we’re adapting.

-XO, Kayla



P.S. My Etsy shop is (Shop link at the top, too). Please “Favorite” it if you have an Etsy account! If you see something you like, the items listed are ready-to-ship, but if you want a specific color/floral combo, please message me so I can create a special piece just for you or your company!


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