Wedding: The Details (4 of 5)

DSC_8255Continued from post “Wedding: The Execution”




When we decided we were going to do a quickie surprise wedding, I knew I wanted something comfortable. Something I could walk around in (since my original plan was to wear it an entire day at Disneyland). I had toyed with the idea of a two-piece ensemble I could switch the skirt for jeans at one point. I just really didn’t know until one fateful April morning when I came across an ad from Nordstrom for the brand new Gal Meets Glam collection from Julia Engel. She was wearing the “Colleen” dress in the Nordstrom-Exclusive off-white carrying a soft bouquet and my mind just clicked. This was the dress I wanted to get married in. I immediately ordered it in a couple sizes (it was not in any stores near me and I had no clue what size would work) and found that it fit true to size, it could not have been cut more perfect for me, it was comfortable, and (most importantly) IT HAD POCKETSSSSSS.

The Gal Meets Glam collection has been releasing some of the most timeless, beautiful pieces every month and I am seriously saving some money to add more to my collection.


Ugh. So. Handsome.

Chris and I had been vacationing in Portland when we stopped into a Nordstrom Rack to see what they had for him (I’ve been slowly rebuilding his wardrobe since we started dating). We came across this suit by Original Penguin. It fit him perfectly (no tailoring needed) and we were able to successfully find the matching pants to the jacket (very difficult at a Rack location). We decided he would wear that for our wedding as well, since he just looks so darn handsome in it.


I think I matched pretty darn well to Jeni’s ears!

I’ve been following Happily Earver After on Instagram for quite some time. I know a lot of people make custom ears, but something about Jeni’s collection stuck out at me. They were wildly creative and beautiful! I contacted her very early on with seeing about her making me a custom pair of Minnie ears, but I wasn’t sure about carrying a bouquet or not at that time. She was so communicative and excited to be a part of our story. I sent her pictures of my dress, Bug’s dress, and Chris’s suit with some bouquet styles I liked and just let her have creative freedom. It’s exhilarating to be able to put your trust in another person. The results were, quite possible, the most perfect ears I’ve ever seen.

When we saw the picture, Chris and I knew that a bouquet was now a must and we went to Michael’s with the picture to create a bouquet to match the ears. Then I went crafty-crazy and made my hair clip for the ceremony as well as his boutonniere. Thank you, Jennifer, for the inspiration for my bouquet!

I was complimented all throughout the park and made sure to tell everyone where I got them. I highly recommend looking at her collection and ordering a pair! She will even do some custom work on pieces she already makes, just in case!


Oh, that little toe-pop!

I loved every detail from our special day. It created a memory I will forever love and cherish. I’m so happy our Bug was able to be there. My mom said the first thing she said when she woke up that morning was “Mommy’s getting mawwieeeed!” I didn’t even know she knew that word. Now, when I pull up pictures and look through them, she says “Mommy and Daddy wedding!” I know she’s still young and the details will get fuzzy for her, but this blog and all our photos and stories from the trip will stick around.

Tomorrow’s blog is going to be limited to photos from the big day and our amazing photographer, Sheryl Bale. I will also be creating a separate, short series detailing our Disneyland trip, so subscribe and stick around! As always, I’m open to any questions or comments!

Tune in tomorrow for the final stop in this story, Wedding: The Photos.

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