Wedding: The Execution (3 of 5)

DSC_8141Continued from post “Wedding: The Reveal”

Ok, so calling this post “execution” does look a little funny… but we are talking about executing a plan and it’s good enough for me.


If you don’t know me personally, I should tell you I am a very organized person. Like, very organized. We had a crew of 13 total people doing varying dates and lengths of stay because of school and work schedules. The important part was everyone be in the same spot on Monday, October 1st.

Once I got everyone’s schedules, I spent a solid chunk of time finding and booking 5 different rooms in the same hotel within walking distance of Disneyland. For 5 different lengths of stay. I’m going to toot my own horn and say I am a damn rockstar. We stayed at the Motel 6 near the park and it was an amazing spot, we were very happy with it. Let’s face it, at the end of a long day at Disneyland, you just need a bed, not a luxury suite.

I also had the park schedule memorized at this point and knew that, in order to maximize park time, we needed to be seen at the courthouse right when they opened. We also decided to get there a little early so there was less traffic and people there so we could get more photos without people in the background. This also led to some amazing lighting and Sheryl was able to get some great shots.



Sure, the process is just a bunch of paperwork, but did you know you can get it started online to limit your actual wait times at the courthouse? They also give priority to those who do it online so your wait times truly are minimal. We did our marriage license application online a couple of nights before we left and didn’t have to worry about printing or anything, it was super easy!




OF COURSE I got special shirts to wear in addition to our regular wedding attire. I wanted us to wear our clothes the whole day, but the heat was prohibiting that from happening (major chafing and sweating did not work with a linen dress or his suit). I knew I wanted a couple pictures in front of the castle in our outfits and my special custom Minnie Mouse ears from Happily Earver After (tomorrow’s post will have all those details).


After we changed, we rocked some adorable “just married” shirts from Wild At Heart Design Co.  It was so much fun, all the cast members congratulated us everywhere we went, as well as fellow guests.


Want to know more about his suit, my dress, the EARS?? It’s coming, tell your friends.

Tune in tomorrow for the next stop in this story, Wedding: The Details.

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