Huntington Beach Day 2018

img1539025955521Last year, upon completion of the Alive and Running 5k, we took Bug to the beach for the first time, we hadn’t planned on it, but she fell in love with the ocean and loved to play in the waves. This year we came prepared. I brought towels, swimsuits (“beebee suits” as Bug calls them), sunscreen, and sand toys. October in Southern California is still hot and the water is a great temperature to play in.


I have always held Huntington Beach close to my heart. The beach and pier is always clean and welcoming, there’s plenty of shops closeby as well as bathroom facilities, and there’s usually good surfing to watch. It may be a tourist-y spot, but I have found it’s never really too crowded during the time of year we go.

We spend a few hours running in the water, building sandcastles, destroying sandcastles, and getting a few moments of rest before it was time to walk for another 3 days. (Three days at Disneyland after doing a 5k is a LOT of walking).


Bug was meant to play in the water. She was like our own little mermaid, running into the waves fearlessly, splashing and giggling the whole time. We (my sister, Chris, and I) had to take shifts bringing her to the water because we were getting worn out lifting and running over and over.

I like that we have added this little bit to our annual family vacation, it’s so relaxing and fun!

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