First Visit: Multnomah Falls

IMG_2250The picturesque Multnomah Falls is a popular tourist spot here in Portland, Oregon. I was particularly happy to see that it is only 30 minutes away from home! We set out over Labor Day weekend, knowing very well that it was probably going to be crowded. We weren’t entirely too sure what to expect, as we’ve only seen a few pictures of the falls and the classic Benson Bridge.

It was easy to get to the falls, you simply exit to the center of the highway where a very clever parking lot is set up, then walk under the highway via tunnel to the beautiful Multnomah Falls Lodge restaurant. It smelled divine, but I packed us a lunch so we are going to have to eat there some other visit (probably when we have family up visiting).

The view of the falls from the parking lot/I-84E.


Multnomah Falls Lodge.

From the restaurant, it is a very easy (slightly uphill) walk to a great little viewing area. It. Was. Packed. There were so many people and selfie sticks coming from every which-way. It kinda took some of the magic we were expecting away and made the spot seem very tiny. But we soldiered on, the stroller needed to be carried up a few steps and we could hike the remaining way to the Benson Bridge, which also seemed so much smaller in person. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Yosemite National Park’s waterfalls that this one just seemed kinda small, albeit completely gorgeous. We couldn’t get on the bridge, as there were far too many people on it packed like sardines in a tin.

There was a gentleman kind enough to offer to take our picture in front of the falls, so we at least got a family photo out of the deal. The rest of the trail after the bridge was shut off, which could also be why the spot was so jam-packed… no one could really go anywhere else!

Thank you, kind stranger, for getting this shot for me!

I did read, via many travel sites, that one should visit the falls first thing in the morning when the trail opens up, as that is how the best photographers get their shots. We might also have to go during the week or on a non-holiday weekend. It was a simple enough nature walk (I really shouldn’t call it a hike) that Bug would enjoy it on foot versus being strapped in her stroller. I love how close this is to home, while still feeling like entering another world.


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