Moving Day: Phase 2

6035004193_4ddc57c741_bFirst off, I want to apologize for the absence of regular posting… I have been trying to get a daily hashtag going on Instagram and have been trying to settle on a writing schedule… please bear with me.

Second, I have also been busy being a toddler mom and moving into our NEW HOUSE! That’s right, folks, no more apartment life with the little one and the pets! Moving, in itself, is quite an undertaking, even for the superhumans of the world. We did it while spending 5 weeks apart and I with the toddler “helping” as much as she could.

When Chris accepted his new job, we knew it was going to be tricky. He drove all the way back after the first week and I insisted he play it safe and not go back and forth every weekend. Flights were getting pricey and there’s a lot of risk making a long drive over and over again. I figured: it’s only going to be a month… you got this. And boy, oh boy, did I barely have it. He stayed in a hotel for the first couple weeks and then met some coworkers who allowed him to stay in their guest room for the remainder of the time (they were lifesavers and now lifelong friends).

When we were given the official move-in date, I put it on my calendar and got mentally prepared for the one of the most harrowing journeys of my life. I needed to get our dog, Rowdy, groomed the night before. I couldn’t plan an alternate route, despite the fires, because I had to pass through Sacramento to pick up our cat, Oliver, from my sister’s house. I needed to fit crates and stuff and the toddler all in my Mazda CX-9 and drive up the 11 hours to our new home. It was like a very interesting game of Tetris, but I did it. The cat was in his kennel next to me in the front seat. Bug has ample leg room in the bag seat. Rowdy was in his big crate in the rear. I left at 5am and made as few stops as possible for potty breaks and gas (I packed snacks and iced coffees so I didn’t have to add any more stops than I needed to).

The evening before, I get a phone call from a very concerned Chris, asking about the location of our POD (you know, the 16-foot beast that was holding all our stuff). It was supposed to be delivered earlier that day and it was nowhere to be found. I took a deep breath, told him not to panic, and I would call and figure it out. Cut to the incredibly concerned POD customer service agent, who was so apologetic and frantically called everyone in their dispatch to try to find my stuff. Apparently, it was on a truck to be delivered… but there was a technical issue with the loading machine and it was stuck on the truck. The delivery men didn’t know if they would have it done or not, but assured they would call the next morning when they were on their way (and it was on our driveway at 7:15am the next morning). This was something that couldn’t have been foreseen, and they apologized for the inconvenience. I know some people who would have complained, or gotten ornery, but I’ve been making it a goal to be more positive and remain calm. So I have been practicing that. (Yes, it is a practice. Like yoga).

Aside from the majority of the drive being smokey from the Carr fire, it was actually an easy-going drive. Rowdy was the best passenger, he just laid down and slept the whole way. Bug came in a close second, she enjoyed singing along to the radio and telling me about all the “cool trucks and trailers” she saw. Oliver was the worst. He would howl at me for about an hour, then would sleep for two. Repeat until destination. We arrived at about 4:30pm.

Chris wasn’t home quite yet, so I let myself and Bug and Rowdy in the backyard. Rowdy ran around to do his business and Bug just exclaimed, “Oooh! What’s this? This mine?” We were excited to see that the former owners left the play structure so she had a slide and swings all ready to go. Apparently, the owners before them had left it behind, so it has been well-loved and well taken care of over the years.


One of the guys Chris had been staying with came home with him to help us unload the POD and thank goodness he did, it only took about an hour to unload its contents into the garage and take the heavier furniture to their designated rooms. After that, we dropped him off at home and went to a McDonald’s for some comfort food/dinner. I foolishly left my cell phone on the counter after I ordered and paid. After we sat down with our food I realized my phone wasn’t in my purse so I asked the girl at the counter if I may have left it there. She turned ghost-white and asked if it had a gold case, because she went to announce that there was a phone left and the lady walked right up and said it was hers and took off. She and I ran outside to see if we could see here, but I am sure she was long gone.

She apologized profusely and grabbed her manager, who suggested I call the local police and he would give them the video feed. The officer arrived minutes after I called the non-emergency line and was so kind and got all the information he needed. I know the phone is gone, but luckily I upload pictures and videos daily to Facebook, Instagram, and Tinybeans (our app for all things Bug related) so I wasn’t really out anything other than a phone. The girl at McDonald’s probably felt a lot worse than I did. I assured her it was just a thing, and it can be replaced. She didn’t do anything wrong. I made sure to contact corporate to thank them for her customer service and willingness to help me, their franchise store owner called me recently to thank me for that, it’s not common. It’s easy to call corporate or managers and complain, but do you ever really go above and beyond when you’re happy with the service?

(Moral here is always be kind, even when you’re inconvenienced and don’t harass the innocent bystanders…. Also, get the insurance on your phones! I had to pay a $150 deductible and my new phone arrived less than 24 hours later)

Now we continue with the endless visits to Ikea, Lowe’s, and Target to get this place in ship-shape! My goal is to be done unpacking by the weekend… stay tuned for Moving Day: Part 2!



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