GG’s Birthday

IMG_2093My little Bug* LOVES birthdays. She loves to tell people “happuh-de-birthday” and give them their “happy presents” and “happy cards.” I’ve never been one to celebrate or do anything for my birthday, but I go all out for her birthday and Chris’s birthday. Yesterday was my grandmother’s birthday and since we aren’t leaving until Tuesday for Oregon, we got to do one more family birthday party.

Bug calls my grandmother “GG” (short for great-grandma) and one thing she¬†really¬†wanted to do for GG’s birthday was make cupcakes. My mom (whom Bug calls Mimi) taught her how and they had a blast making them. We wandered the cake aisle of the grocery store and she selected chocolate cake with vanilla icing and some green sprinkles, that also happen to be the same color as the August birthstone, peridot.

She gets her “apey” (apron) on and does all the pouring and most of the mixing herself, concentrating on each and every step. Mimi helps when it comes to measuring the ingredients and cracking the eggs, but Bug will do her very best to make them herself.

Once in the oven, we got her down for her nap so there was plenty of time for them to cool before the icing and decorating began. Naps have been a very difficult subject since we’ve been staying at my mom’s because of the severe FOMO and all the busy bodies in the house all the time. Eventually, she goes down, but not without a fight. When she woke up the first thing she asked about was her cupcakes. So we suited back up and she got to decorate.

Pure joy.

After her magical cupcakes were done, we enjoyed a great dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and went to GG’s for cupcakes and pictures. She’s got everyone wrapped around her finger, so it was fun watching her run laps around their house and get everyone to chase her and play hide-and-seek with her.

Happy Birthday, GG!

Getting her to pose for pictures, however, always proves challenging (as anyone with toddlers will attest to). I managed to get a few good shots as I sang some of her favorite nursery rhymes.

I’ll be first to admit that I can’t stand messes, and I don’t like to make messes. Since having a toddler, I’ve learned to embrace the messes for the moments of pure joy and laughter. It can always be cleaned up afterwards.


*I feel the need to clarify that my daughter’s name is not actually “Bug.” It’s her nickname she’s had since she was in the womb… I just want to have some semblance on anonymity for her since she is, after all, just a child.

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