Wild Fable x Target

img1533514675669I have two words for you today: Wild Fable.

It just launched this past Friday at Target and it is everything our 90’s loving hearts could ask for. Want to be Cher from Clueless for Halloween? Wild Fable. Are your Doc Marten’s begging to come out and play? Wild Fable.

But then there’s the pièce de résistance that caught my eye and made me rush to the closest Target. The Destructed Mom Jean. At the amazing price-point of $22.00 USD, I had to find them and try them on. I got a pair of Topshop mom jeans from Nordstrom and while I found them to be an amazing pair of pants, the price point meant they are for splurging and since we just bought a house, splurging is not an option at the moment. (Curse you, responsibility!)

The Mom Jean is your sexy friend!

I’m usually an 8 these days, and while the 8 in these buttoned, they weren’t giving me the look I wanted… I sized up to a 12 for a more relaxed look. The denim is so soft and breathable for this summer heat and the destruction leaves for nice ventilation for the inevitable sweating that seems to be my body’s favorite pastime. I belted them at the top, but will probably have a tailor take the waist in once I’m back on a regular exercise routine.  I definitely fit into the thighs/booty category nowadays and I feel like my tush ROCKS in these!

Rock them mom jeans, girl.

Styling the mom jean is so easy! Take a tank and just tuck in the front bit. Grab your favorite t-shirt and knot it in the front. Wear your favorite mom button up (you know you have plenty). I think that it is one of the more effortless items in your closet and I can’t wait to style it in the fall–stay tuned!


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