Amador County Fair

The Amador County Fair is something I’ve gone to many times in my childhood and we started going again since Bug was born. This quaint county fair has all the country charm you could ask for and usually turns into one big family reunion for my father’s side of the family (he was born and raised in Amador County and we have so much family throughout). What was particularly nice in my opinion was the fact they closed down the carnival part from 2pm to 6pm because of this excessive heat (no burnt bums on the rides!).

Bug was understandably shy at first. She had a good nap (please refer to my insta post ♥) but with the heat and a lot of strangers, she was very timid. She started to open up when we got to the farm animals by the local FFA and 4-H chapters up there. There were cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and goats galore! Plus, there is an opportunity to actually pet most of them (let’s be real… that’s my favorite part, too).

For fear of scaring the cows, I didn’t catch any photos – you are up close and personal and I didn’t want to upset them! Many were mama’s and I wanted to respect their space with their calves. Bug loved telling me all about them and mooing at them. The sheep were a little bit more… difficult. They can be a stubborn animal at times, and the few we encountered were quite stubborn. But then, there were the goats. OH-MY-LANTA these were some cute goats! There was even some fresh babies (born the night before). Goats can be wonderful, especially when handled their whole lives, like these ones. They were like cloven-hoofed dogs. That eat. Everything.

Bug also found some joy in a few of the show horses stabled there. One even played peek-a-boo with her which was the cutest thing (see video below).

We rounded out our evening with a few carnival rides. Bug is nearly tall enough for some of the bigger ones, but after our trial run with the carousel… she kept trying to jump off the horses so she could only go on whatever I could ride on with her. I was melting in the heat, but seeing this girl enjoy herself on the rides makes it all worthwhile.

For some real hilarity, head over to my Instagram (@moderatelyadjusted_blog) to see a great video of me catching air on the giant slide with Bug in my lap. My bum still hurts.

I can’t wait to find new little town events in our new city. It’s awesome knowing we can start new family traditions and find new annual events to take Bug to in our new town.




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