Acro Yoga

IMG_1647Have you ever felt like you wanted to run away and join the circus?

My sister had shown interest on Facebook for something called “Acro at the Phoenix” and I knew immediately this was something we needed to try. I’ve been trying so hard to acknowledge my new “mom-bod” and figure out how it is going to look once I get back in better shape. I have accepted that my body is not going to look like it used to, and that is fine. I created a freaking human being, so I am allowed to physically look different. When I was a teen, I rode horses and danced on a competitive team. As an adult, I was a manager at a popular supplement store so I was constantly working out and trying the latest craze. As a mom, I eat when I can and snack… a lot. After suffering some heavy postpartum (that post will be another day), I honestly forgot to start taking care of myself again. This was my way in.

We showed and were warmly welcomed with hugs from the advanced crew, including Emilio, who runs this jam (he is featured in the photos with me). You have to think of these movements as epic trust falls, you’ve got to realize that your body is essentially in their hands/feet. I have a bum knee, so I am unable to be a base (the person on the bottom), but I did very well as a flyer (the person in the air).

As the weeks progressed, we started feeling more and more comfortable with the movements and even advanced into some new “flows.” What is so amazing about this group is the willingness of the experienced people to teach the newbies. It is about honoring your body and doing what feels best and safest for you, so there’s no competition or ill-will from anyone. If you’ve never thought you could accomplish anything like this, please reconsider. There are moves for every body at any age level (there were tweens to the 60+ crowd at any given jam).

I am going to deeply miss this crew and hope to find some locals in Portland who can help me continue my practice and get even better!


TIP: Get yourself some high-waisted yoga pants to help hold yourself in place if you are not comfortable with bare skin to skin. I found I felt more confident and less distracted by my midsection so I could focus on my moves.

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