I just want to sit down in my kitchen with my beverage, look out the window, and watch my beautiful daughter run around the backyard. I want to sip the sweet nectar that is coffee/wine (depending on the time of day) and bask in it. But no, I get to sit in a run-down apartment in 110°F Sacramento heat and attempt to pack while the wild-child has decided she no longer recognized me as an authority figure.

Also my view is this:

Oliver is also not impressed by the view of the kitchen window.

I haven’t even truly begun moving yet, and it sucks.

However, I know that while the griping and whining wants to take over, the crippling anxiety is sneaking up on me, and the eventual meltdown I’ll have in the shower is imminent, I have a lot to be thankful for. My other half is busting his butt at his new job in our new city. Because of him we were able to buy our dream home. Sure, waiting to move in is agonizing, but we had the BEST real estate team (seriously, it was amazing). My daughter is healthy and her spunk is all part of her charm. My pets are going to love having their own backyard to run around in. I get to finally chase my passions.

I think that while there is a lot of crap to deal with in the world, there really is some good in it. I think you just have to choose to see it over the bad. That takes practice. Eventually, it’s easier to be positive about something from the get-go, while still being able to protect your heart.

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