Dirty Thirty

IMG_1564Chris hit the big 3-0 on Saturday.

We’ve just had our first week apart, he starting his new job in Portland and I staying home with our 2-year-old daughter attempting to pack our lives. He drove all the way back to Sacramento just to spend his birthday with us. Budget has been super tight with the move, but we didn’t want to miss out on celebrating.

The morning started with his 3am arrival at the apartment. Us girls were fast asleep, but I placed an inconveniently located white board easel right when he opened the door. Upon it I wrote “Happy 30th Birthday!” and then proceeded to hand Bug some markers to make daddy’s sign all the more special. The “real” morning started around 8am, with Bug bringing daddy some much-needed cold brew coffee in bed and her sweetest “Happuh de Birfday!!”

We arranged for a sitter (my Aunt) and set off on our simple adventure… a lunch date.


(Im)patiently waiting for lunch.

If you’ve ever been to Sacramento, you know summertime here is brutally hot. We decided on Buckhorn BBQ in the Arden area (which is delicious, btw), and proceeded to a cozy booth in the corner. We were getting hangry in the heat, as it appeared the air conditioner was not going to be turned on, despite the 109°F temperature.

He’s much happier when he’s fed. Take note.

Considering this heat, we opted for a delicious gelato snack afterwards. Since this was likely our last date in Sacramento, we drove all the way to Folsom for a treat at Sweet Dozen Cones on Sutter Street in Historic Folsom. This is some good, instagram-worthy, gelato people. It’s definitely a must if you are ever in the area.


Strawberries and cream special in a doughnut cone. *le swoon*

We walked some of the cute shops on Sutter Street and decided that it was just too hot out, so we cut the adventure short and went home. Our evening concluded with playtime, a bottle of wine, and a new comedy special on Netflix. It was perfect.

We aren’t the type of people to go crazy or over-the-top when it comes to birthdays, mine especially. For our daughter, yes, but for us… we just need a good laugh and some quality time.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

My outfit is some older pieces I’ve had for a while from Old Navy and Lularoe…. but here are some very similar pieces:


Velvet Burnout Kimono  (from $29.99) 



A-Line Cami Dress *WARDROBE STAPLE* (from $18.99)



Sanuk Gora Gora flats. Crazy Comfy. (from $50.00)

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